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It's Always Sun-Dry Tomato Season

Take some juicy, vine-ripe California tomatoes, halve them and let them dry in summer sun. The moisture evaporates, the flavor intensifies, the natural sweetness bursts forth...


For centuries, cooks have extended the fresh tomato season by drying their garden tomatoes in the sun.  At California Sun Dry Foods, we have done it for you.  Using ripe California tomatoes, we follow the traditional Italian methods. Our tomatoes dry slowly over 7 to 10 days drenched in the California sun for superior flavor and texture. 


That’s why California Sun Dry brand sun-dried tomatoes are so moist and

sweet — a delicious ingredient for all of your favorite recipes and a natural snack right out of the jar or cello bag. 


Packed in a proprietary blend of herbs, spices, extra virgin olive oil and canola oil, or fresh and ready to eat right out of the bag, our sun-dried tomatoes enhance your cooking year-round making an ordinary meal extraordinary. 


Enliven a sandwich, a soup, or stew.  Perk up pasta sauce, salads, fish, chicken, or anywhere you want that sunny summer tomato flavor — all year long!

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