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Our Favorite Valentine's Day Recipes

With Valentine’s Day, what better way to show love to the special people in your life than with a homemade meal made from the heart! Some might look intimidating, but they are actually pretty easy to make.

Don't call for takeout pizza tonight. In just 30 minutes, you can create this cheesy, crave-able dish, made with just a few simple ingredients.

This pizza is simply a stunning piece of art! But that won’t stop us from indulging this Valentine's Day or any other day. We've decided to speed up the process by using store bought pizza dough but if you feel adventurous to make your own, go for it! Our special sauce is absolutely a delicious combination of our Sun Dried Tomato Pesto or Garlic and our Spread making this one of the most flavorful pizzas you'll try. But don't take our word for it, give it a try!

We love pesto and especially on chicken. This recipe is less than six ingredients and takes under 30 minutes to make. Serve over polenta, potatoes or rice. This is one of those recipes that will become a staple in your household.

Pizza Pasta

Pesto-Crusted Chicken

Sunny Pizza Your Way

We hope you’re inspired to make one these recipes for Valentine’s Day — or just food for thought! When you do, we’d love for you to take a picture and share your #CaliforniaSunDry moments with us on Instagram or Twitter!

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