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Benefits of the Guac-Lock Storage System + Giveaway!

We recently teamed up with Guac-Lock by Casabella to bring five lucky people the chance to experience this unique storage system for free along with a complimentary gourmet gift box from California Sun Dry Foods. Who is ready to win some game day prizes? Continue reading to learn about the benefits of this storage system.

Guacamole lovers will rejoice! This product is designed to prevent browning and keeps avocados fresh. Continue reading to learn why we had to bring our followers the opportunity to WIN a secure, useful, convenient way to enjoy this game day appetizer.

First, we are going to break down the benefits of Guac Lock.

-Secure design locks in freshness to prevent avocados from browning

-Versatile this innovative container doubles as a serving dish

-Convenient, finally you can make guacamole and store it ahead in the refrigerator

-Durably made with stain-resistant, odor-proof and shatter-proof plastic

-Ready-to-serve push-up mechanism makes it, so your container always looks full

Now that you know about the benefits let's break down how it works so you will know how to savor the delicious guacamole you wiped up, longer.

Smokey Guacamole Recipe

Step 1 - Fill Guac-Lock container with our smoky guacamole or another dip of your choice and level using a knife. Back tightly for best results and make sure there are no air pockets.

Step 2 - Place Guac-Lock cover on the container and use the three clips to lock the lid, keeping the tab at the top open.

Step 3 - Place Guac-Lock container on the elevator, push down gently and squeeze out all the air when the guacamole appears at the top of the bowl you are almost there.

Step 4 - Close tab which forms an air-tight seal and place in refrigerator with elevator attached until ready-to-serve. Open large tab, first, before opening, then unlock the three clips.

Finally, make-ahead guacamole perfect for any GAME DAY! Guac-Lock storage containers come with a chip tray to instantly convert your setup from a storage container to an always full-looking serving dish. What's not to love?

We partnered up with Guac-Lock to give five lucky winners the chance to experience this innovative system for FREE along with a Gourmet Box from California Sun Dry Foods. Enter via our Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest page for your chance to WIN!

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