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Hot Off The Vine Sweepstakes Winners!

With 0ver 90,000 entries in the “Hot Off The Vine Sweepstakes,” lucky grand-prize winner Angela Marie Wyndham will be receiving a $500 gift card, plus a gourmet gift box full of California Sun Dry's yummy products. We had five additional runner's up who were; Matthew Walden, Judy Zerbe, Cynthia Conely, Pasquale La Pietra, Vincent Carbone that all received our gourmet gift boxes! Congratulations to all our winners and thank you for participating!

The sweepstakes was sponsored by California Sun Dry and Farm Star Living, a national lifestyle brand promoting “farm-to-everything” showcasing our sun-dried tomatoes in this fun and engaging sweepstakes!

California Sun Dry has just is always looking for new and exciting ways to drive sun-dried tomato consumption. The partnership with Farm Star Living was a great way for us to interact with consumers, reward the winners with gourmet cooking prizes, and educate them about our brand.

Visit California Sun Dry's website for new recipes like our favorite Torte, just in time for the holidays!

Click for Holiday Torte Recipe

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