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Jack's Breakfast Bagel


2 Bagels – your flavor choice

1/3 C cream cheese – plain or flavored

4 T CSD Spread

Meat– your choice

2 eggs –cooked your way

Vegetable – your choice

Cheese – your choice

Salt & pepper



Put cream cheese in small bowl & add any chopped herbs (chives, dill parsley, cilantro) & mix well. Add touch of salt & pepper. Slice tomatoes or prep choice of veggies. Cook preferred meat & set aside.


Split bagels, toast or leave fresh. Spread cream cheese on bottoms, top 1 T CSD Spread, add preferred meat, prepared eggs & any veggies. Lay slice of cheese on top & broil just until cheese begins to melt. Spread 1 T CSD Spread on bagel top, then over cheese & serve.

Serves 2


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